20181005 Large Telescopes Telecon

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On the call: Steve, Mike, Nils, Ninfeng, Abby Crites, Vic, Abby Vieregg, Pato, Johanna Nagy, Brad, Zhilei, Jack,


1. Overall status https://cmb-s4.org/wiki/index.php/File:LargeTelescopesLargeCryostatsStatusPrincetonV2.pdf

- Steve gives brief overview of large aperture DSR effort and discusses the slides from Princeton meeting.

2. Large telescopes Main issue is baffles & shields. Do we need a fixed and shield?

ACTION ITEM: Add figures of sidelobes from Pato’s SPIE paper.

3. Large cameras Main issue here is detector count.

Explain why SO didn't pursue a 19-tube cryostat. ACTION ITEM: Ningfeng to provide a few sentences about challenges associated with scaling 13-tube to 19-tube cryostats.

Steve points out that rhomboidal detector shapes were a big surprise from the Princeton meeting. Detector team is looking into costing this.

Do we need to dig into details of noise calculations in this section?

ACTION ITEM: Mike to confirm that noise Tiger team is going to describe noise performance of LATs, which means we only need to report the detector numbers.

ACTION ITEM: Abby to check with detector costing team whether the increase in LAT detector count is a large enough cost increase to be problematic.

4. How do we wrap up the writing?

ACTION ITEM: Jeff to work on cold optics text.

ACTION ITEM: Mike to finish telescope optics design text.

ACTION ITEM: Steve is sending out large telescope chapter to several people on the call for review.