Wider SAT from the Pole

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This post has been superseded by Wider SAT from the Pole II.

In this post we explore the extent to which SAT observations from the Pole can be extended. This is a sister post to the study of deeper SAT observations from Chile in Deeper SAT.

Here is a proposal for the ranges of the Pole SAT wide field (black outline) compared to the present bore sight observing ranges of the BICEP field (red outline):

Priority by pixel fwhm01 nbin10.full.pole.png

The proposed wide field covers RA = -45..105 degrees and DEC = -60..-50 degrees, making the Pole observing elevations between 50 and 60 degrees. Substantially more area could be covered if we allowed for 45 degree observing elevations.

Here is what the wide field looks like when allowing scans down to 45 degree elevation. The range in RA is limited to -30..90 degrees. It also includes a tentative placement of the deep field:

Priority by pixel fwhm01 nbin10.full.pole.v2.png