UMICH-2015: CMB-Lensing

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Lensing measurements/techniques and the science they impact:

  1. cmb auto spectrum (neutrino mass)
  2. cmb halo lensing (dark energy)
  3. delensing (inflation)
  4. cmb lens x galaxy survey (dark energy/neutrino mass)
  5. cmb lens x optical lens (dark energy)

Challenges/issues to consider for each lensing measurement above:

  • the specific science gain from each lensing measurement
  • instrument sensitivity/resolution/frequency requirements
  • foreground impact and control
  • systematic effects
    • robustness of lensing estimators
    • non-linearity of structure formation
    • higher order corrections
  • simulation requirements for each lensing measurement
  • survey area requirements / overlapping external data sets

Session Organizers:

  • Coordinator: Gil Holder
  • Moderators:
    • break-out session 1: Neelima Sehgal & Alex van Engelen
    • break-out session 2: Blake Sherwin

Break-out sessions:

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