UMICH-2015:Instrumentation II Summary

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  • Need to decide on what things you design in to the instrument and what things you decide you can correct later. General idea is to look at strawman instrument designs that will require minimal corrections and filtering, and their costs, and then relax the requirements in steps and consider the cost savings.
  • Action items are shown on the individual break-out session pages.
  • Some big themes:
    • need to figure out best methods for baffling / ground screens
    • need to quantify and understand far sidelobes and their impacts, including those arising from panel gaps
    • crossed Dragone telescopes can host a lot of detectors in their focal planes
    • want to explore trade-offs between making optical units very broadband versus having different designs (or systems) for different smaller bands
    • lots of new methods for making lenses and modulators -- lots of data will be coming in during the next few months
    • need to develop a consistent framework for comparing technologies
    • need to start understanding cost trade-offs
  • Notes during summary:
    • If you are model response from sidelobes of panel gaps, don't you also have to worry about their stability? Gaps are temperature sensitive...
    • Clem loves bore-sight rotation (who doesn't?). Include it in cost/mount analysis.