UCSD-2019: Cross-Cut: Sky Modeling

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  • Determine the set of sky models (and all their requirements) that will be used as inputs to pre-CD1 simulations, when those sky models are required.
  • What are the necessary analysis tools to answer these questions?


Part I: Extragalactic Models


Part II: Galactic Models

Remote attendance

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PySM3 Development

  • PySM2 models already implemented with enhanced performance (memory, speedup)
  • Models at NSIDE 4096, including Galactic and extragalactic components (lensed CMB consistent with CIB)

WebSky Extragalactic Simulations

  • 4000 CPU/hrs per sky realization, much more efficient than corresponding hydro sims, can make more if needed
  • tSZ, kSZ, weak lensing, multi-frequency CIB all computed self-consistently
  • Good consistency with data

Radio Sources in Extragalactic Models

  • Forward simulations with WebSky--paint on radio sources
  • XGPaint.jl software now available
  • Map productions being developed

Extragalactic Discussion

  • Action item: incorporate existing extragalactic maps into existing map-based sims
  • What about star formation, submm galaxies, proto-clusters?
  • Need to vary CIB model, but how?
    • Leave it squishy, but constrained by observations
    • Star-formation at z = 2-3
    • Stick with fiducial SZ model? Seems sufficient for current needs
  • Action item: Cluster science goal using suite of WebSky sims for frequency optimization (and effect N_eff)