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On the call: Nils, Adrian, Akito, Jeff, Toki, Shaul, Mike, Kam

Review Nils' additions to second section of white paper. Good progress. Aim to finish by Monday and add a bit more information to table.

ACTION ITEM: Follow up on adding more information to table.

Adrian emphasizes value of having scaling relationships for throughput vs. aperture and F for different types of designs.

ACTION ITEM: Figure out whether we can put more points on a throughput vs. aperture plot (or a throughput vs. F plot like fig. 1 in section 3).

ACTION ITEM: Do a study of Gregorian designs.

Too much focus on CCAT-prime. Could move to appendix?

ACTION ITEMS: Mike to work with Nils on some form of the following.

  • Move Niemack design to "Current designs" to a low-maturity design.
  • Move CCAT-prime to appendix.
  • Move boresight rotation of CCAT-prime to "Telescope engineering" section
  • Think about renaming section 2 to be clear of what has been built

Shaul will take a look at sect 1 & 5 and send comments in next ~ week.

Mike to work on Section 5 to provide more concrete suggestions for what needs to be studied.