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On the call: Mike Niemack, Toki, Nils, Shaul, Keith, Zeesh, Steve, John Carlstrom,

Brief review of posted paper draft. Agreement that the baseline plan will be to keep the appendicies.

Review Steve's bullets. Generally agree that these are good introduction/executive summary.

Agreement that all white papers should have an executive summary.

Keith points out that we need people to commit to writing different sections that basically map onto Steve's points.

Keith says he can provide some more bullet points to add to the various section.

Steve says a critical issues is to be sure there are not missing bullets.

ACTION ITEM: People to add overview bullet points to Steve's google docs file to be sure we're not missing something.

One possibility is to have the introduction to the white paper be a bulleted list.

ACTION ITEM: Update charge from Shaul.

John says it would be great to send out a draft (even if it's a work in progress) within ~1 week. It's fine to have them under construction.