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The Technical Council consists of two co-chairs and two (or more) co-coordinators of each of ten working groups, mapped to the project WBS Level 2 elements. The council co-chairs are Jeff McMahon ( and Abby Vieregg ( The focus of our current efforts is to converge on a baseline design for DOE CD-1/3a and NSF PDR.

Anyone is welcome to get involved in the working groups listed below. You can sign up for the relevant mailing lists at: .

Meetings of the working groups below are linked to the CMB-S4 Google Calendar

Detectors & Readout

detector co-chairs: Clarence Chang, Kent Irwin, Aritoki Suzuki

readout co-chairs: Zeesh Ahmed, Amy Bender

module assembly & testing chair: Brad Benson

Detector and Readout, pre-CD0 R&D telecon

Detector R&D Notes

Large Telescopes

co-chairs: Mike Niemack, Steve Padin

Large Telescope Telecons

LAT Cryostat R&D Notes

Small Telescopes

co-chairs: John Kovac, Aikito Kusaka

Data Acquisition & Control

co-chairs: Laura Newburgh, Nathan Whitehorn

DAQ Telecon Page

Data Management

co-chairs: Julian Borrill, Tom Crawford

Sites & Infrastructure

chairs: Kam Arnold (Chile), John Ruhl (South Pole)

Integration & Commissioning

co-chairs:Kam Arnold, John Ruhl

IC Telecon Notes