Sky masks for simulations II

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Mar 16 2018, Clem Pryke

In S4 sims up to CDT report we have idealized hit maps on the sky - these are summarized in Sky masks for simulations.

There is some desire for sims with more realistic sky coverage. At the Argonne meeting a Simons Observatory simulated hit pattern was shown. In the plot below this is compared to the previously used nominal 3% mask and the BICEP3 2017 actual mask.

The proposed SO scan pattern is based on a two day cycle that scans for 24 hours every day at an elevation of 50 degrees. The southern patch is scanned for (10, 6) sidereal hours as it (rises, sets) on day 1 and for (6, 10) sidereal hours as it (rises, sets) on day 2. The northern patch is scanned for (4,4) sidereal hours as it (rises, sets) every day. The hit map is convolved using a 35 degree circular focal plane.

180316 f1.gif

JB: Example hitmap and T & P noise maps from a recent full focal plane simulation of a pair of CDT-like small aperture telescopes at the Atacama and Pole pursuing SO/V3 main field and BICEP2 scans.

Hits 085.png

Noise 085 hwp 0 T.png

Noise 085 hwp 0 P.png