SLAC-2017:Sensors and Readout Breakout

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Optical Coupling, Sensors and Readout 3rd Day Breakout

  • We have lego pieces, what's next
  • Questions/ Discussion points
    • Improve current document? New document?
    • Any missing lego pieces?
    • Cryogenic, Site, Data Acquisition, Calibration
    • Detector Test section was thin
      • Detector Test scenario - Test every detector or just subset
      • Come up with test bed scenario (stage-2 like, stage-3 like)
      • What do we need to do to prove that current test setup is good enough to test detector characteristics to meet CMB-S4's systematics requirement?
    • Optics material characterization section was thin
      • R&D setup idea
    • Spec/Systematics
  • Input/output table (Spec (with range) table)?
    • Standardize input out table, then fill them out?
    • Typical range/spec that we can agree to?
    • What sim/test do we need to quantify them?
    • Standardize spec definition
      • For ex. how to define beam size vs pixel size
    • File:OpticalCouplingInputOutput.pdf

Notes from session

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Action items/Next steps

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