Letters of Intent

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LOIs spanning multiple areas area listed under both with the relevant aspect(s) specified.

Detectors & Readout


1. File:DOE 4Lab LOIs detectors.pdf

2. File:CMBS4-R&D LOI Feedhorn Optimization.pdf

3a. File:Halverson CMB-S4 R and D funding LOI 2018-10-05.pdf (Lenslet-coupled arrays)

4. File:KIDs for CMB S4.pdf

5. File:LOI caltech 2018.pdf

6. File:LOI CMBS4 Electromagnetic Design.pdf

7. File:LOI coherent polarimeters.pdf

8. File:LOI UFM 20181004.pdf


9. File:DOE 4Lab LOIs readout.pdf

10. File:LOI FDM.pdf

11. File:LOI Filippini.pdf

12. File:McGill S4 RandD LoI.pdf

13. File:RFSoC readout for frequency multiplexing.pdf

35. File:UCSanDiego Readout LOI.pdf


14. File:DOE 4Lab LOIs fabrication.pdf


15. File:DOE 4Lab LOIs testing.pdf

16. File:CMBS4-R&D LOI ReflectiveNDFs.pdf

3b. File:Halverson CMB-S4 R and D funding LOI 2018-10-05.pdf (Beam-mapper)


17. File:AR coating LOI.pdf

18. File:BNL UMich SLAC LOI.pdf

19. File:CMB-S4 R&D LOI 2018.pdf

20. File:LOI Broadband Cryogenic Anti-Reflection Coatings and Optics for CMB-S4.pdf

21. File:LOI ARC.pdf

22. File:LOI HWP.pdf

23. File:LOI optical test and BK leverage.pdf


24. File:Large Receiver CMBS4 LOI-v2.pdf

25. File:LAToptics 20181005 v2.pdf

26. File:LOI Large telescope at Pole.pdf

27. File:LOI Ground pickup.pdf


28. File:SAT LOI.pdf

29. File:LOI Telescopes.pdf

Sites & Infrastructure

30. File:Site LOI.pdf

Data Acquisition & Control

31. File:2018 S4 DAQ LOI.pdf

Data Management

32. File:Cmbs4 dm loi.pdf

33a. File:LOI for CMB-S4 r Forecast Simulations.pdf (Map-based systematics simulations)

Science Analyses

33b. File:LOI for CMB-S4 r Forecast Simulations.pdf (Delensing & foreground modeling)

34. File:LOIOct2018.pdf