Pub and Speakers WG minutes 28 Nov 2017

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Tuesday 28 November, 4 pm EST / 3 pm CST / 1 pm PST.

Attending: Tom Crawford, Kevin Huffenberger, Colin Hill


  • Since very few called in, we needed to punt on major issues. However, it is necessary that we start writing so that we have something that can garner feedback and be submitted to the ICCC by Dec 15. Since many of the publication policies are similar, we will start drafting in a generic form but note the points where decisions need to be made.

Potential Topics of discussion:

  • ICCC remarks on importance of feedback from junior contributors (Tom)
  • How should we treat upcoming forecasts? (Question from Lloyd who cannot attend)
  • Look at table of other collaboration policies. (Kevin)
  • Initial Opinion Survey to register preference (especially from juniors members) with regards to the major choices (speakers bureau, publication process, paper category, authorship tiers, review process) as a basis to start a draft (Nathan and/or Kevin)