New NET Calculator and Validation

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  • I wrote a python library version ( of Jamie Bock's famous NET calculation spreadsheet (online version). The goal was simplify the usability, and version control.
  • An earlier version of this code (still coded in matlab at the time) was used for comparing the NETs within the CMB-S4 defined bands (2017-02-21 CMB-S4 logbook posting).
  • With the python library in hand, a web GUI ( beta version) to interface to it seemed like a natural fit. Send me feedback (
  • This posting describes the validation against Jamie's spreadsheet calculation. Based on the simple tests done, the results here are consistent with Jamie Bock's spreadsheet.
  • The detailed documentation is linked from the NET webGUI itself.
  • I'm hoping to shortly place the code on github under git control.

Upcoming features

  • Add in realistic bandpass: Either bandpasses with a Chebychev ripple on top to mimic realistic bandpasses, or read in our real BK published bandpasses, or allow the user to input a real bandpass file.
  • Check the results as a function altitude to verify that the NETs make sense for LDB or space loading.