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If you are interested in any of the project shown below please email Blake and Marcelo to discuss how you can contribute.

Neutrino mass

This project will focus on how to derive robust constraints from (1) CMB lensing and (2) cluster cosmology (w. calibration). Milestones / sub-projects for CMB lensing include:

  • Simulated lensing power spectrum measurement on mocks (ideally full-sky iterative)
  • Simulation of impact of polarized galactic foreground biases using new FG simulations, development of mitigation strategy if required
  • Assessment of temperature foreground bias contribution. If relevant, decision on optimal mitigation strategy based on simulations
  • Improved assessment of baryonic feedback impact. Can this be mitigated with scale cuts or marginalization?
  • For cluster cosmology, simulation of CMB lensing mass calibration and foreground impact

Galaxy formation

We will focus on (1) what we can learn about galaxy formation by using SZ and CMB lensing measurements in combination with galaxy surveys, and (2) how baryonic feedback can possibly bias cosmological constraints from CMB lensing, and how the inclusion of SZ measurements could mitigate these biases. Major milestones / papers include:

  • Mock stacked SZ analysis using simulations
  • Mock lensing / stacked SZ analysis using simulations
  • Variation of CIB modeling to investigate systematic biases


We will focus on (1) what we can learn about the epoch of reionization by including higher order statistics and cross-correlations and (2) whether it’s possible to use these statistics to attain precise and robust constraints on the mean optical depth to reionization, tau. Major milestones / papers include:

  • Developing an emulator for 2-point and 4-point kSZ functions including nuisance parameters
  • Mock analysis including CIB, tSZ, late-time kSZ, and lensing
  • Mock analysis on patchy kSZ from ‘realistic’ radiative transfer simulation
  • Ensemble of simulations for covariance matrix

Dark Matter

There is some commonality with neutrino mass since CMB lensing contributes, but our focus will be more on small scales. Questions we will address:

  • How much are constraints degraded by baryonic physics? Can this be marginalized over to solve all problems? (and what other systematics are relevant).
  • Can small-scale lensing constraints be improved with some proposed methods?