Letters of Endorsement

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Requests for letters of endorsement should be submitted to the CMB-S4 spokespeople spokespeople at cmb-s4 dot org who will determine the appropriate path for approval according to the collaboration endorsement policy File:CMB-S4 endorsements policy v1.1.pdf.

Such requests should include the name of the person or persons making the request, contact information, a statement of what is requested, and the date required, along with the proposal(s) or additional relevant information.

Requests for more information concerning letters of endorsement should also be emailed to the spokespeople at the above address.

Summary Statistics

Numbers of requests submitted and letters provided in various categories:

  • DOE Early Career Awards: 4/4
  • France: Agence Nationale de la Recherche: 1/1
  • EU: Framework, Synergy: 2/2