LBNL-2020: Telescope Interfaces: Sites and I&C

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General guidance: “The primary focus of this meeting will be technical and scientific progress towards the baseline design in general and the summer agency review in particular.”

  • Review the upcoming milestones, review, advisory committee formation etc.
  • What are the most urgent tasks/decisions to get collaboration input, where do you need help?
  • Plan schedule of design reviews needed before CD-1

Review LAT/SAT sites requirements and define/review interfaces, make sure they are complete.

  • Lay out N. American + Chile/Pole I&T plan
    • Includes common staffing plan
    • Includes test hardware requirements, sharing plan
  • Write down test plan both in N. America and Chile/Pole, or determine path to knowing that plan
  • Plan schedule of design reviews for these subsystems needed before CD1



Realtime Notes

  • Quick Introduction/Summary of Site requirements in DSR:
  • Review of I&C schedule and resources in DSR, and how those overlap with N. America SAT/LAT work [1]
    • Discuss how we staff the parallel activities.
    • Discuss how we can jointly plan for testing and calibration hardware.
  • Layout requirements, Chile site layout brainstorming (Kam will share screen) S4-CH-LO-001-SiteLayoutOverview
  • LAT site requirements, I&C thoughts (from LAT group)
  • SAT site requirements, I&C thoughts (from SAT group) [2]

  • Discussion