LBNL-2020: Maps-to-Spectra

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We're having technical difficulties, use this zoom meeting ID instead: 7936653714

Host: Marilena

Scribe: Christian

Real time notes:


To provide an overview of current projects, along with status updates and future plans.

To get feedback on these projects.


(Times listed below are approximate! Things may vary in real time)

               • Proposed Agenda (9AM)
                       * Charge (5min)
                       * Introductions (5 min)
                       • Beam effects update (ABBY, 15min)
                               • Discussion
                       • Impact of Foreground update (SRINI, 15min)
                               • Discussion
                       • Scan strategy (5min?)
                               • Discussion
                       • Break (9:45AM - 10:00) [BREAK NOW 10:10- 10:20AM]
                       • DRAFT tool progress (Srini + Joel, 10:00-10:10), Joel - Fisher Code
                       • General Tool list: Existing and desired. (10:10-10:20)
                               • Other tools?
                       • SZ/CIB spectra and science discussion (Slides from Yuuki for discussion, 10:20-10:35)
                       • Other science discussion  (Benjamin, 10:35-10:45, slides)
                       * Present other project ideas on our list (Christian, 10:45-10:55)
                       * Conclude (10:55-11)


Present: Marilena Loverde; Christian Reichardt Nick Battaglia; Jesse Treu); Neil Goeckner-Wald; Gil Holder; Alex Krolewski; Ben Wallisch; Joel Meyers; Ben Saliwanchik; Abby Crites; Srini Raghunathan; Lindsey Bleem; Selim Hotinli; Reijo Keskitalo; Tom Crawford; Evan Grohs; Ken Ganga; Kim Boddy; Prakrut Chaubal; Kyle Ferguson; Cynthia Trendafilova; Francis-Yan Cyr-Racin

Beam update from Abby and Neil: Starting with beam errors from current experiments (Jesse Treu volunteered to interface for ACTpol ones) Plan to see if these are sufficient, if not come up with required observations to improve Discussion of high-cadence observations and planets. May not need focused obs; may need to consider day/night cycles; may use field sources vs planets Mention of polarized beams (nothing decided)

Foreground work update from Srini: Starting with unconstrained ILC. So far only looked at sigma(Neff), but plan to look at biases too Currently Gaussian sims for FGs. Plan to add NG galactic ones soon. Will look at other schemes (ie constrained ILC to remove FGs) next

Scan strategy -- No update. There is work to be done pushing latest proposed scan strategies to power spectrum constraints. Ken Ganga put his hand up Short detour around where responsibility for determining the scan strategy belongs

DRAFT work update from Srini and Joel: Developing in modular framework; ILC code from Srini, then delensing Fisher code from Joel and co. Plan to release a user-friendly wrapper incorporating both steps.

kSZ/tSZ/CIB via Yuuki: These could be interesting. We should explore science cases to flesh it out. Fuzzy boundary to maps2other (eg kSZ 2-point and 4-point, x-correlations for all of these) kSZ - reionization and tau tSZ - sigma8, feedback and baryon physics in clusters CIB - star formation rate history, HOD parameters, bias

Other Science Discussion led by Ben There is a wide range of other primordial science: dark fluid, reconstructing details of the primordial power spectrum, isocurvature, dark energy, dark matter annihilation/interactions, birefringence/pmfs, … Many of the inflation ones also tie into higher-order statistics