LBNL-2020: Cold Optics

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With CD-1 coming up roughly one year from now we have to move to technology selection in the next half year. To meet this need we will have to have a review midyear. This session represents a first step toward this review where we will assess the technological performance and our ability to manufacture the required optical elements.

  • discuss the LAT and SAT needs for cold optics (performance and production requirements of the LAT and SAT options)
    • metal mesh filters
    • alumina filters and lenses
    • silicon lenses
    • other filters
    • HWP (optional)
  • describe the currently demonstrated status of the required technologies to meet both the technical and production needs.
    • Is there an existing supply path? If not how do we address that risk?
    • Discuss any risks to production (e.g., is the alumina or other material supplies secure?)
  • What is the development path? Will it be done by CD-1 or require post CD-1 work?
    • Summarize/update technical risks, R&D / simulation needs to retire those risks.


Call in via Zoom:

Notes can be found here: