LBNL-2016: Cosmology with CMB-S4

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Workshop overview

This workshop is the second of a series of dedicated meetings, roughly every 6 months. The goal of the workshop is to review the first draft of the CMB-S4 Science Book (File:Cmbs4 scibook 160305.pdf ) and determine steps to complete it (see File:WorkshopScienceBookGoals.pdf). With this in mind we have organized the workshop around the science chapters of the Science Book.

On the first day we will start with parallel sessions lead by the drafters of the Science Book chapters. The goal for each of these sessions it to determine missing content and outstanding questions for their chapter. It is particularly important to address what they need from the larger community. During the Plenary session in the afternoon, the drafters will present their findings with emphasis on the issues for which community input is sought. The parallel sessions on the morning of the second day are to address these issues.

We want to encourage broad and lively interactions, so the break-out session themselves are broken into ~hour slots with long breaks between them to enable cross-theme discussions, switching sessions, etc. The long time allocated for lunch are to allow small informal working groups.

Each break-out session theme has an overall coordinator, as well as a moderator (the session organizers). Each break-out session will begin with a few words from the session organizers to start the discussion. The organizers should develop a few ideas in sufficient detail to spark initial discussion. These need not be worked solutions, but rather a starting point for discussion and future work. All participants are encouraged to come to the break-out sessions armed with a few provocative ideas. We strongly encourage participants to provide input on this wiki and to contact the session organizers prior to the workshop to help ensure lively and productive discussion.

At the end of each day there will be a plenary session at which the parallel session coordinators present the discussions/findings/science reach and future steps. The hope is that the plenary sessions will be highly interactive, so feel free to be provocative.

Links to workshop schedule and local logistics

Workshop Schedule

Local Workshop Webpages -- Venue, Participants, Directions, Logistics, etc.

About this wiki

We plan to use this WIKI to help organize the sessions, to capture the input from the sessions, to list next steps, and to help draft/outline the science book. An initial page stub is provided for each break-out session, including the title, coordinator and moderator (i.e., session organizers) , and perhaps a short list of topics, ideas for discussion. The session organizers are encouraged to flesh these pages out, including enlisting support from selected workshop participants, prior to the workshop. Each workshop participant will have read/write permission and is also encouraged to add to the wiki.

It is expected that the session organizers will use the wiki during the break-out sessions, and probably also for the plenary session. Participants are encouraged to edit the wiki directly, including uploading plots or a few slides.

Hints for formatting this wiki can be found here:


Monday Morning, March 7

Welcome (Natalie Roe) File:2016.03.7.LBNL.CMB workshop welcome.pdf

Tribute to Paul Richards / Charge to Parallel Sessions (A. Lee):

Science Book and Workshop goals (J. Carlstrom) File:WorkshopScienceBookGoals.pdf

Break-out Sessions

Monday, March 7

Tuesday, March 8

Wednesday, March 9