Interim Collaboration Coordination Committee

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From now until approximately March, 2018, the Interim Collaboration Coordination Committee (ICCC) for CMB-S4 will coordinate the activities of the Working Groups formed to work on collaboration bylaws and technical and science efforts. The ICCC will work to facilitate cross-group communications, help coordinate schedules and milestones for the Working Groups, and prepare preliminary documents for ratification by the full S4 collaboration. The goal date for ratification is March, 2018. The ICCC will meet periodically with representatives from the DOE and NSF to keep them updated on progress and to receive their input and advice. The ICCC has 15 members (see link to list below); the co-chairs are John Carlstrom and Suzanne Staggs. If you have input or questions about the ICCC work, you may email the entire ICCC using, or individual members (included in the list linked below). The ICCC will disband once the governance bylaws are ratified and its successor has been established.

ICCC Team Members List (with email addresses)

ICCC wiki page (members only)