Ideal delensing templates from flat-sky QE, first pass

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Executive Summary:

This page presents first-pass results on creating lensing B templates from ideal simulation inputs using a flat-sky quadratic estimator.

Simulation inputs:


  • /project/projectdirs/cmb/data/generic/cmb/ffp10/mc/scalar/ffp10_lensed_scl_cmb_000_alm_mc_0000.fits
  • fsky03bk_n2048.fits


One B template from sim_0000, projected back to the full sky:

Bt epproj hpx 0817.png

In the spectrum plot, I show the auto-spectra and cross-spectrum between two types of lensing b templates:

  • "Bproj" are directly projected blm maps. These are the "truth" maps (up to curved-to-flat sky projection issues)
  • "QE" are estimates using a flat-sky quadratic estimator with perfect E and phi inputs.

Bt specs f03p5 0816.png