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Plenary Session: Concluding Session: Post CDT planning and goals for the next S4 workshop 1) Collaboration 2) Decadal 3) Sims 4) R&D - Moderator: Knox, panel: Clarence Chang, Tom Crawford, Mark Devlin, Raphael Flauger, Clem Pryke [Jefferson 250]

  • Panel discussion: Post CDT planning and goals for the next S4 workshop
    • collaboration
    • Decadal

Notes from session


    • Please self-nominate for serving on the ICCC - you should have received an email request
      • Please keep in mind that it is a lot of work, so think before you leap.
    • Please register to vote - you also received an email
    • Once deadline reached for nominations (Oct 1) we will send out a request for vote, with new deadline

Getting ready for the Decadal;

    • Devlin: talking with others, what are the groups to talk to?
    • People to contact; would they like to join; convene white papers?
      1. Time Domain: Sri Kulkarni, Edo Berger (they could help with the survey cadence); LSST transient group
      2. Dust - Should we consider a galactic shallower survey?
        • PICO: Dave Chuss, Laura Fissel
        • Dust experts: Bruce Draine and Alex Lazarian
      3. Galaxy evolution: Baryon effect
        • Lars Hernsquist; Andrey Kravtsov; Simon White
      4. 21 cm EoR and Dark Ages; Aaron Parsons; Jackie Hewitt
      5. X-ray community; Steve Allen, Alexey Vikhlinin; Rashid Sunyaev
      6. Neutrino community -- making good inroads nows; George Fuller, Dan Green, Dave Schmidtz, Stephen Parkes, Dune leaders - Blucher and Thompson
      7. Planet finding, solar system: Mike Brown
      8. SMG groups, high z groups: pretty well connected
      9. Inflation theorist endorsement WP again: Eva Silverstein organized this for Snowmass...
      10. Data management, HPC - communities; Jullian Borrill, Salman Habib
    • Other Decadal comments/thoughts/Action items
    • Mike Niemack: We should include non-R and non-N_eff science to CDT -- minor change in framing --
      • John C: Should include a few sentences to frame the value of this science in the CDT exec summary. Note that this is beyond the SB science.
      • Tom C: is anyone against including extended case in CDT? All agree it should be there. Charles L -- it is going to be there
      • ALL agreed- CMB-S4 data should be public and available to the larger community
      • Coordination: work with NRAO and optical survey community; HERA too? Others?

Simulations forever!

    • Converging on sim development
    • Getting to higher resolution
    • get Sim official forecasting goups works - coordinate them too

Organizing information:

  • Fix up CMB-S4 public web pages
  • Enter and maintain job opportunities (tab is now there and forms ready)
  • Talk Slide decks for (including two slide "answers" to common CMB-S4 questions)
    • CMB-S4 motivation and concept,
    • CMB-S4 Collaboration
    • Neutrino properties - how does it work? Combat model dependent arguments
    • Dust
      • Laymen's solution
      • More detailed?
      • Ground - space complentarity
      • Polarization primer(s)


  • CC: work on method to prioritize R&D -- Kent version a bit too granular.
    • Be sure to find the big problems with technologies and especially interfaces now
    • This is also a good thing to do before decadal -- note the CATE process will do that.
    • Should we do this now and give it to DOE to advise their funding choices.
      • Need a concept definition before this can be done fully.
  • Kathy Turner on R&D plan -- hope that the collaboration would work with the labs on R&D plan, We will get plan from our labs, but need a coherent plan - Do not want disjointed plan; we want a coordinated plan; Typically the labs would send in a proposal and then subcontract R&D funds to a university;
    • Brad B -- comparative review program for research funding - KT: indicated that this is not the right mechanism for this R&D... It is for research funding...
    • John C to Kathy -- when do you want a coordinated plan -- KT: NOW, Soon, .. John C for next FY? KT: now, very soon!
    • Kathy: It will start with the CDT report, then collaboration can put together a coordinated plan
    • they are getting help from lab project management folks on this -- expect more.
    • Note: lots of stuff start happening when the CDT report delivers its concept definition
    • Start now on the obvious R&D risky stuff.

Dates for next Workshop at Argonne National Labs

  • Conflicts:
    • LSST - Date February 6-8
    • Conflict with March 12-14
    • Moriond electroweak March 10-17 (neutrino outreach!)
    • Moriond Cosmology March 17-24
    • Coordination with PICO contraints: ?? ??

Thanks to all -- meeting adjourned

Action items/Next steps

Summarize action items here