Harvard-2017: CDT Overview

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CDT overview & schedule & cost status update (10 + 5m)

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  • Charles Lawrence pdf

Notes from session

scribe: John Kovac (others please add your own notes)

See Charles' slides for details of CDT process, elements and outline of report.

Major Design Features:

 - CMB S4 will be a single experiment and collaboration
 - CMB S4 will be two sites: South Pole (best atm) and Atacama (fsky 40%)

Q: making case to broader community, what to think about dividing Science Goals into "Design Drivers" vs. "Free Science"

 Charles:  CDT report is to allow agencies to get started on process of funding, and clear science goals at the beginning are necessary for that.  When it comes to communicating what an experiment will do to the community, this distinction (and the clear language) may not be so important.

Q: (J. Bartlett) some of us are concerned that some of what's meant under "Free Science" may drive design requirements, albeit weakly, but yield a big return for the broader astro community.

 Charles:  delta cost is important.  CDT is trying to address this issue.

Action items/Next steps

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