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Parallel Session S3: relation to space and balloons (Chair: Shaul Hanany) [Jefferson 356]

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Notes from session

  • Shaul starts presentation at 9:40 AM
  • decadal review advises both NSF and NASA
  • emphasis on NASA invests in space missions
  • review of ground/space complementarity
  • PIXIE, LITEBIRD, CORE, EPIC forecasts mentioned
  • 8 Probe Mission Studies underway, probe mission = $400M to $1B
  • the inflation probe study is currently called "PICO"
  • PICO has a steering committee, executive commitee, working groups
  • discussion point: What is the cohenet probe/S4 story for the decadal? highlight complementarity.
  • requesting both S4 and prob in decadal will be challenging
  • unique science goals from space -- tau, for example. is this compelling?
  • risk of null r result is a challenge for space mission.
  • story about WFIRST ...
  • discussion about complementarity pros/cons ...
  • one option for probe: highlight both strenghts and complementarity
  • challenge -- S4 can't credibly say that it needs a satellite to be successful
  • LIGO example ...
  • Shaul summarizes at 10:25 AM: complementarity argument is reasonable, more discussion with a wider group is reasonable and appropriate.

Action items/Next steps

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