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Here are the charges to the working groups: File:ICCC-charges-to-WG-20171105.txt

Bylaws Interface Issues Document, posted Feb 2018.

Here is the repository for collaboratively editing governance documents:

Governance Structure and Bylaws Working Group

Governance Structure and Bylaws Working Group

Membership Policy Working Group

Membership Policy Working Group

Publications Policy and Interim Speakers' Bureau Working Group

Publication and Speakers Working Group

Useful files/documents for input to drafting CMB-S4 collaboration policies:

File:CMB-S4 Bylaws Example-v2.pdf -- Example of CMB-S4 Bylaws drafted by Karen Byrum prior to the Harvard workshop to give us an idea of what CMB-S4 Collaboration Bylaws may look like. The working groups should feel to use as much or as little of this draft as they wish. None of the statements or procedures in it should be considered as decided or even recommended. However, the text will hopefully provide a useful template.

The following files are from the collaboration sessions at the Harvard workshop -- linked again here for convenience.

File:CMB-S4-Collaboration-Elements v4.pdf -- Brenna Flaugher's slides from Harvard with org charts from several different big projects

File:Byrum-Governance Collaboration ByLaws-v2.pdf -- Karen Byrum’s slides from Harvard with examples of governance bylaws issues.

File:Membership Policies.pdf -- Steve Kuhlmann's Harvard workshop presentation on collaboration Membership policy.

File:Pubs-intro.pdf -- Nathan Whitehorn's slides on introduction to Publication Policy.

File:Governance-parallel-report-after-plenary.pdf -- collaboration plenary wrap up talk, including org chart and feedback from plenary.