GB Meeting Agenda 17 October 2019

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GB Meeting Agenda, UCSD, 17 Oct 2019

  • Welcome/announcements (5 min)
  • On-going policy and report status and plans (15 min)
    • Code of conduct policy
    • CMB-S4-related proposal policy: wiki page
    • Spokesperson annual report
  • New member approvals (10 min)
  • SP's hardest or major concerns -- feedback from and discussion with GB (75 min)
    • Process and timescale for defining a Lead Lab
    • IPO plan (including MSRI launch), and timeline for making decisions (e.g., re-use of telescopes)
    • Discussion of Decadal Survey, feedback and presentation plan
    • DOE-lab/NIST intellectual property, commercialization, and open communication issues
  • Assessment of communication issues (between, ET, collaboration, project, etc.) how are we doing and what can be improved? (15 min)
  • AOB (5 min)
    • GB meeting frequency