GB Meeting Agenda 05 September 2018

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  • GB Planning: develop appropriate strategy, including roles and responsibilities, for the GB in the next two years
    • Define GB roles and responsibilities in oversight and planning
    • Develop strategy for fulfilling these roles and responsibilities
    • Discuss specific issues that the GB should address
      • How GB can support collaboration efforts to prepare the Decadal Survey Report?
      • How can GB facilitate transparency and communication, to help collaboration members be informed about decisions and actions, help members contribute, and best fulfill the needs of the project?
      • How can GB, in general, help promote CMB-S4?
    • Identify GB actions and decisions needed in the next 6 months.
  • GB self-assessment: how are we doing so far, and what could we do better?
    • Assess roles and give feedback to the chair, vice-chair, and secretary
    • How can we improve voting process, meeting management and participation, written communication, etc?
    • Assess and revise format and timing of telecons, frequency of meetings.
  • Review EVC schedule for changing bylaws, holding next elections
  • AOB