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Candidates For Science Council Co-Chair

Cora Dvorkin Cora Dvorkin.jpeg As a Science Council Co-Chair, I am committed to ensure that the science goals of our Collaboration are sensible and kept up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, and that we have a coherent plan to achieve these goals. I plan to work closely with the Spokespersons and the various working groups to exchange ideas and provide/receive feedback.
Raphael Flauger Raphael Flauger.jpg I have contributed to CMB-S4 through the science book and the CDT, and I would be happy to continue to contribute as a science council co-chair.
Gil Holder Gil Holder.jpg CMB-S4 is at the same time an ultra-high energy particle physics experiment and a sensitive wide-angle survey that can do very interesting astrophysics and cosmology. I think that's great, let's do all the science that we can without giving up any of the core capabilities of the experiment. I've done at least a little bit of work at various points on pretty much all of the science goals that have so far been identified, and it will be great to see the development of new science goals (on both the particle and the astro side) from the current generation of students and postdocs.
Lloyd Knox Lloyd Knox.png I am passionate about the science we can do together and the creation of our collaboration culture in these early days. My goal is a united collaboration that nurtures the development of young scientists, is well funded, is well-regarded in the broader community, and is on its way to executing a broad and compelling science program. I participated in the Snowmass process, served on every CMB-S4 workshop SOC, the ICCC, and the CDT Advisory Board, had responsibility for the Science Book inflation chapter, coordinate the r Forecasting WG and co-wrote a broad portfolio of papers relevant to CMB-S4 science.

Candidates For Membership Committee Chair

Christian Reichardt Christian Reichardt.jpg I am committed to the goal of transforming CMB-S4 from a vision into actual hardware on the ground. I would like to contribute to building a membership structure that is fair, transparent and low-overhead, while encouraging everyone’s contribution towards making CMB-S4 a success.
John Ruhl John Ruhl.jpg I'm excited by the science prospects of CMB-S4, and am encouraged by the significant efforts that have brought the concept and collaboration this far. The aim of our membership policies is to motivate work toward our goals, the principle of which right now is to make our case to funding agencies and the broader community. I helped lead the group that formulated our membership policies, and believe I can help move us to a concrete implementation of them in a way that helps us achieve those goals, while not causing too much additional work for members.

Candidates For Publications Committee Chair

Kevin Huffenberger Kevin Huffenberger.jpg As publications committee chair, I would continue to set up the system for developing and reviewing projects and papers, and ensure that it encourages productivity and treats people fairly. I would continue work on the publication policy (as the recently approved bylaws require) and help to set up the technical infrastructure for author lists. These steps will support the production of our early forecasts, technical papers, and contributions to the decadal process, and let us hit the ground running when a project is set up.
Nathan Whitehorn Nathan Whitehorn.png Publications and talks are the public face of any experiment, critical both for our scientific goals and the career advancement of our members. The S4 publications working group, over the next few years and before we have data, will be faced with two main tasks: creating an environment that fosters collaborative effort on projects and sets the stage for a productive and collegial environment later on and having as much concrete progress related to CMB-S4 visible to the wider community as possible, in particular by promoting CMB-S4 talks and R&D-related technical publications. This last is critical, as it is our primary way of creating facts on the ground that CMB-S4 is happening. It also encourages our members to devote time to CMB-S4-specific tasks. Our community also faces a challenge navigating the transition to large collaborations. I hope to bring my experience with both CMB cosmology and HEP collaborations into this role to achieve this, making sure that early effort on CMB-S4, especially by junior members of the collaboration, is rewarded and leads to the best science we can possibly achieve.