Deep SAT from the Pole

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March 22, 2019 - Reijo Keskitalo and Julian Borrill


This post is a quick application of the map depth simulation machinery used in Deeper SAT from Chile II and Wider SAT from the Pole II to have comparable hit and depth maps corresponding to more traditional deep field observations from the Pole.

Here is the location of the proposed deep field (red) and the wide field (black):

Priority by pixel fwhm01 nbin10.full.pole.v5.png

The coordinates of the deep field are RA = 20..60 degrees, DEC = -55..-50 degrees.

The hitmaps and noise variance maps shown in this post are available at NERSC under /global/cscratch1/sd/keskital/cmbs4_scanning_simulations


We ran a scanning simulation with a mock hexagonal focal plane with a 35-degree FOV and 217 pixels on a regular grid. Here is the resulting hit map scaled to match 100Hz observations with 1000 pixels:

Total hits.pole.v2.png

The fsky numbers in the title correspond to raw, noise and signal-dominated versions of the same metric:


We use the analytical fits to the 95GHz elevation profiles from S4 NET forecasts III and modulate the individual detector noise levels for each scan. The resulting depth map scaled to 1000 pixels is here:

Total wcov.pole.v2.png