Chicago-2016: non-r Forecasting

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Next-generation "non-r" forecast planning

Moderator: Renee Hlozek

We've had discussions on high-ell science in general, and slides on resolution from Erminia.

The non-r forecasting efforts for the science book did well to keep folks with various science interests on the same page.

As we move forward and the instrument definition evolves, we need to consider a similar level of co ordination.


Discussion points

Renee Hlozek: File:Future talkingpoints.pdf

  • How do you expect anisotropic noise to change your results?
  • How does atmospheric noise change the results?
  • How do your results scale to multi-frequency and does code handle FG?
  • How well can you interface constraints with other secondaries (eg. tSZ)?
  • How well can we interface with the r forecasting group (to lead into the discussion later in the day on this topic)?


Renee Hlozek: File:Nonr plenary.pdf