Chicago-2016: Dark Energy

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Summary of Science Book Chapter 6 - Dark Energy

Session Leader: Marco Raveri

Slides of the presentation: File:DE presentation.pdf

What we have used

In most of the DE/MG forecast CMB-S4 is assumed to have:

1.) CMB temperature l=30 to l=3000

2.) CMB polarization l=30 to l=5000

3.) Sky fraction 0.4

4.) Noise: 1 μK arcmin in T and 1.4 μK arcmin in P

5.) Beam 1' FWHM

What we have learned so far

1.) Many of the DE results are CMB lensing driven;

2.) Constraints on the speed of Gravitational Waves strongly depend on the statistical significance of primordial GW detection;

3.) SZ clusters goals strongly depend on angular resolution and depth of the survey;

4.) kSZ detection significance is likely to be dominated by systematics and imperfect foreground cleaning;

5.) Birefringence constraints depend on depth and less on angular resolution;

Next Steps

1.) Propagate detailed treatment of systematic effects and foregrounds to DE/MG forecasts;

2.) Include SZ and kSZ in the DE/MG forecast;

3.) Other models to test?