2019June CMB-S4 Risk Workshop

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June 2019 CMB-S4 Risk/Opportunity Workshop

Date: TBD - Poll will close Sunday 5/12: http://whenisgood.net/fsg9rnx Time: 8am - 5pm Location:

  • University of Chicago
  • SLAC - host dinner or happy hour (TBD)


  • Communicate the proposed Risk/Opportunity Management Process
  • Review the current Risk/Opportunity Registry
  • Discuss the key risks/opportunities that impact cost, schedule and scientific/technical performance. Develop/update risk statements that represent the major real risks to the project
  • Update the DSR


  • Goals of risk management and its use to the project
  • Risk Management Process
    • Risk Ownership
    • Identification
    • Mitigation
    • Planning (risk retirement/realization/milestones)
  • Risk Review Board Meeting
    • Brief review of current risk registry
    • Overview of output reports and tools
    • Proposal for Risk Management cycle during this phase of the program
  • Brief de-biasing exercises
  • Full group example development of a project risk statement
  • Breakout into functional groups to work on identifying risks and developing risk statements
  • Teleconference the following week:
    • Summary of risks identified,
    • Next steps and timeline


  • IPO
  • L2 Managers
  • Others are welcome