20181012 IC Telecon

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Attend: Brad, Kam, Sara

  • ACTION Items:
   * BB: Add Sara to Thursday calls at 2pm EST - for Sites and I&C DSR review coordination 
   * BB Need to work on staffing / schedule for I&C, include number of each kind of people (DM, DAQ, LTC)
       * Make sure SP and Chile are consistent
   * SS: Will work on adding to Calibration Instrumentation and Commissioning / Calibration section
   * KA: Will work on adding to STC integration and validation plans
   * BB: Wil do the same for LTC
  • Integration discussion:
   * Some discussion of difficulty of breaking the dilution line between on the ground cooldown and on the telescope - Dont worry about this for now, but baseline cooldown on the ground
   * Need to plan for some FTS on the telescope mount; in case of need to replace optics tube or detector in-situ, also because of challenges of reading out the full detector array and recording data
   * Need to talk to Site people to make sure they know we need a high-bay, hoist, cooling lines outfitting in high-bay
  • Calibration Discussion:
   * Anything that requires Northern testing, will be built and described in Large and Small Telescope sections
   * Baseline a source tower that will be used for far-side lobe and polarization angle calibration 
       * Discuss possible options (e.g., Drone), elsewhere
   * Weather station; baseline a basic weather station for temperature, wind, humidity.  
       * Radiometer?  Say that it needs further study, not part of baseline.